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    Edan SE 2003 3 Channel Holter System

    Edan SE 2003 3 Channel Holter SystemThe Edan holter system offers you a lightweight and compact digital recorder, as well as fast and powerful analysis software. Optimized workflow and adjustable parameters...

    Futuremed Spirovision 3+ Pulmonary Function Test Machine

    SpiroVision-3+TM Pulmonary Function Test Machine is a cost-effective device that converts a laptop or desktop computer into a complete spirometer.The system consists of two elements: an ergonomic handset that connects...

    G5 Hand Percussor

    Respicare proudly presents the G5 Hand Percussor, a state-of-the-art device redefining therapeutic percussion in healthcare. Engineered to deliver powerful yet precise percussive therapy, the G5 Hand Percussor offers versatile treatment...

    Healforce EB03 Electrosurgical Unit

    Multiple cut and coagulation modes. Real-time monitoring of transducer and return electrode, automatic cut-off for safetyAutomatic tissue power adjustment. With bipolar coagulation mode Widely applicable in general operations, facial, urological,...

    Healforce EB05 Electrosurgical Unit

    With multiple cut and coagulation modes High power and automatic output adjustment for various tissues Dual CPU safety control Display panel troubleshooting code Completely isolated power output Return electrode identification...

    Koko Wrights Respirometer Mark 14

    At Respicare, we introduce the Wright's Respirometer, a groundbreaking device revolutionizing respiratory assessment. Engineered with precision and innovation, this respirometer offers accurate measurements for respiratory function, enabling healthcare professionals to...

    Maxtec Max O2 with AE

    The MaxO2+AE is best used wherever an inline analyzer is required, especially useful with older ventilators or oscillators. Its patented, ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand and features a simple, one-touch...

    Mindray A9 Anesthesia Machine With Electronic Vaporizers

    Fully electronic Anesthesia Machine with Electronic Vaporizers Mindray's innovative electronic platform on the A9 empowers clinicians to ensure the safety of patients throughout peri-operative periods, from induction to recovery, to...

    Mindray Benefusion 3 Series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    BeneFusion 3 Series features an easy-to-use concept that simplifies infusion workflow and satisfies variousclinical needs: A quick guide with instructions on the screen provides useful information to help avoid improper...

    Mindray Benefusion 5 series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    BeneFusion 5 series are powerful partners for intravenous infusion that are designed with the concept of SAFE infusion.The SAFE concept stands for Smart system, Accurate infusion, Friendly design, and Easy connection.The...

    Mindray Benefusion E Series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    Efficiency in every drop: Wide visible 3.5" colored capacitive touchscreen ensures clear display and smooth operation Corrosion-resistant material supports 49 kinds of disinfectants The intuitive user interface enables quick programming...

    Mindray Benefusion N Series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    BeneFusion n Series features a full-size color touchscreen that comes with an intuitive UI to provide an extraordinary interactive experience. 7-inch HD capacitive touchscreen makes the interaction as smooth as...

    Mindray Beneheart D1 Pro Automated External Defibrillator

    Discover the Mindray BeneHeart D1 Pro Automated External Defibrillator, offered at Respicare. Engineered for simplicity and effectiveness, this AED is designed to deliver life-saving interventions swiftly in emergency situations. Explore...

    Mindray Beneheart D3 Compact Defibrillator/Monitor

    Introducing the Mindray BeneHeart D3 Compact Defibrillator/Monitor, available at Respicare. Engineered for reliability and versatility, this compact device seamlessly integrates defibrillation and monitoring functions, ensuring swift and effective patient care...

    Mindray Beneheart D6 Defibrillator/Monitor

    Discover the Mindray BeneHeart D6 Defibrillator/Monitor at Respicare. Engineered with precision and reliability, this advanced medical device integrates defibrillation and monitoring capabilities for efficient patient care. Explore its state-of-the-art features...
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