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Learn about the company fighting to bring quality healthcare for all​

Respicare Enterprises Inc. is a leading medical equipment distributor and service provider in the Philippines. As a leader in the field of Respiratory Therapy, its activities include sales, service, and rental of hospital equipment, joint venture and home sleep testing.

We have a portfolio containing life support, diagnostics, patient monitoring, surgery, and homecare equipment. The company has nationwide coverage via branch offices in key cities throughout the country.

Respicare was started in 1988 by our proprietor and and now company president, Mr. Narciso G. Adiaz Jr.

He had a vision to start a customer-care centered company during the time where most distributors were focused on selling big brands.

One of our company’s primary goals is having the best possible after sales service, and our marketing revolves around direct contact and word of mouth by our very satisfied clients.

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Trusted Brands, Trusted Results

At Respicare, we endeavor to get the medical equipment that the client requires at low costs of ownership.

Principals we subscribe to also join us in our mission of delivering quality healthcare for all.

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