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    Edan SE 2003 3 Channel Holter System

    Introducing the Edan SE-2003 3-Channel Holter System from Respicare, a state-of-the-art solution for cardiac monitoring. This advanced system offers accurate and comprehensive data collection, making it an essential tool for...

    Edan SE 1515 PC ECG System With Stress Test Option

    Introducing the Edan SE-1515 PC ECG System from Respicare, an advanced solution for accurate and efficient cardiac monitoring. This PC-based ECG system offers high-resolution data capture and analysis, ensuring precise...

    Edan SD1 Fetal Doppler

    Introducing the Edan SD1 Compact Fetal Doppler from Respicare, a portable and reliable device for fetal heart rate monitoring. This compact doppler offers precise and clear fetal heartbeat detection, making...

    Edan MFM-CNS Central Nursing Station System For Fetal Monitors

    At Respicare, we introduce the Edan MFM-CNS Central Nursing Station System, a sophisticated solution revolutionizing healthcare management. This system streamlines patient care coordination with its advanced features, enhancing communication and...

    Edan i15 Arterial Blood Gas & Chemistry Machine

    i15 is portable, easy to use, and performs a flexible panel of tests from a single disposable cartridge. i15 performs both blood gas and chemistry analysis, and it enables you...

    Edan FTS-6 Wireless Fetal Monitor And CMS

    With Edan's FTS-6, the nurse can keep track of all the patients in real time without frequently checking the bedside. The powerful central monitoring system also allows you to manage all...

    Edan F9 & F9 Express Fetal & Maternal Monitor

    Introducing the Edan F9/F9 Express Fetal Maternal Monitor from Respicare, a comprehensive solution for fetal and maternal monitoring in healthcare settings. This advanced monitor offers accurate and real-time data collection,...

    Edan F6 & F6 Express Fetal & Maternal Monitor

    Simple operation: Functional keys and knobs provide short-cuts to achieve functions for clinical use. The start button can be configured to integrate patient information and printing, allowing the clinician to work...

    Edan F3 Fetal Monitor

    The Edan F3 Fetal Monitor is a state-of-the-art device for monitoring fetal health during pregnancy. With advanced technology, it provides accurate readings of fetal heart rate and uterine contractions, aiding...

    Edan C6A HD Colposcope

    Introducing the Edan C6A HD Colposcope from Respicare, a high-definition solution for gynecological examinations. This advanced colposcope provides clear and detailed imaging for accurate diagnosis and treatment of cervical conditions....
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