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    Mindray Benefusion N Series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    BeneFusion n Series features a full-size color touchscreen that comes with an intuitive UI to provide an extraordinary interactive experience. 7-inch HD capacitive touchscreen makes the interaction as smooth as...

    Mindray Benefusion E Series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    Efficiency in every drop: Wide visible 3.5" colored capacitive touchscreen ensures clear display and smooth operation Corrosion-resistant material supports 49 kinds of disinfectants The intuitive user interface enables quick programming...

    Mindray Benefusion 5 series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    BeneFusion 5 series are powerful partners for intravenous infusion that are designed with the concept of SAFE infusion.The SAFE concept stands for Smart system, Accurate infusion, Friendly design, and Easy connection.The...

    Mindray Benefusion 3 Series Infusion And Syringe Pumps

    BeneFusion 3 Series features an easy-to-use concept that simplifies infusion workflow and satisfies variousclinical needs: A quick guide with instructions on the screen provides useful information to help avoid improper...
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