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    Mindray WATO EX-30 Anesthesia Machine

    The WATO EX-30 is designed for ease of use and incorporates maximum patient safety in daily practice.With a compact size and a small footprint,WATO EX-30 is appropriate for any environment...

    Mindray A9 Anesthesia Machine With Electronic Vaporizers

    Fully electronic Anesthesia Machine with Electronic Vaporizers Mindray's innovative electronic platform on the A9 empowers clinicians to ensure the safety of patients throughout peri-operative periods, from induction to recovery, to...

    Mindray WATO EX-65 Pro Anesthesia Machine

    Mindray has continued to work closely with clinicians across the globe, to recognize and understand the clinical challenges encountered every day and overcome them with new innovative and intuitive solutions....

    Mindray WATO EX-35 Anesthesia Machine

    Value Performance Anesthesia Machine with Cart Featuring a new 10.4" touch-screen with quick access parameter controls and a flat menu design. The new WATO EX-35 UI enables the user to...
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