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    Aculux 300W Xenon Light Source

    Aculux 300W Xenon Fiberoptic Light SourceThe Aculux Xenon 300W lighting product has a modern sleek design and remains cool to the touch even after long hours of use.Featuring a patented...

    Ambul 689B Blender

    A variety of application, including the neonatal intensive care unit(NICU) and transport Compact, small, very light Whistle alarm system, When the difference between the range of two gas sources (air...

    Ambul 68C nCPAP Device

    68C is the most advanced and completely digital model to provide CPAP and HFNC for neonatal in NICU with digital control and integrated generator. Two ventilation modes: CPAP and HFNC...

    Ambul T5 Ventilator

    Portable and compact - <3 kg. Touchscreen for easy operation Tidal volume range of 50 – 2500 ml Smart CPR mode with AHA guidelines 7 working modes: IPPV, V-A/C, V-SIMV,...

    Benevision CMS Central Monitor System For N Series Monitors

    The everyday routines of modern hospitals call for ever higher efficiency and place more demanding requirements on clinical diagnosis. BeneVision Central Monitoring System (CMS) is the ideal tool to meet these...

    BMC H80A High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device

    Provide a maximum of 80L / min air/oxygen mixed gases, oxygen concentration can be set automatically. Disinfection-free design, the water chamber has a backflow prevention valve to prevent gas backflow,...

    Edan C6A HD Colposcope

    With its bright LED lighting system, high-resolution camera, and electronic green filter, the C6A HD Video Colposcope allows for a full-screen display for precise cervical examination. Precision in Focus, Excellence in...

    Edan F3 Fetal Monitor

    The Edan F3 Fetal Monitor is a state-of-the-art device for monitoring fetal health during pregnancy. With advanced technology, it provides accurate readings of fetal heart rate and uterine contractions, aiding...

    Edan F6 & F6 Express Fetal & Maternal Monitor

    Simple operation: Functional keys and knobs provide short-cuts to achieve functions for clinical use. The start button can be configured to integrate patient information and printing, allowing the clinician to work...

    Edan F9 & F9 Express Fetal & Maternal Monitor

    Simple operation: Foldable screen with probe rack Includes handle for transport User-friendly GUI with 3 display modes and 4 optional color backgrounds Powerful functions: 24 hours CTG storage Fast printing...

    Edan FTS-6 Wireless Fetal Monitor And CMS

    With Edan's FTS-6, the nurse can keep track of all the patients in real time without frequently checking the bedside. The powerful central monitoring system also allows you to manage all...

    Edan i15 Arterial Blood Gas & Chemistry Machine

    i15 is portable, easy to use, and performs a flexible panel of tests from a single disposable cartridge. i15 performs both blood gas and chemistry analysis, and it enables you...

    Edan MFM-CNS Central Nursing Station System For Fetal Monitors

    At Respicare, we introduce the Edan MFM-CNS Central Nursing Station System, a sophisticated solution revolutionizing healthcare management. This system streamlines patient care coordination with its advanced features, enhancing communication and...

    Edan SD1 Fetal Doppler

    The all-in-one compact handheld fetal Doppler, SD1, is the newest member of Edan's ultrasound Doppler series. Compared with conventional technology, by using pulse waves, SD1 breaks through the requirement of...

    Edan SE 1515 PC ECG System With Stress Test Option

    Colour-coded leads maps with color-coded ECG waveforms help facilitate instant signal quality indications.Arrhythmia segments can be detected, highlighted, and saved automatically.Clinicians can correct the lead reversal in the PC even...

    Edan SE 2003 3 Channel Holter System

    Edan SE 2003 3 Channel Holter SystemThe Edan holter system offers you a lightweight and compact digital recorder, as well as fast and powerful analysis software. Optimized workflow and adjustable parameters...

    Futuremed Spirovision 3+ Pulmonary Function Test Machine

    SpiroVision-3+TM Pulmonary Function Test Machine is a cost-effective device that converts a laptop or desktop computer into a complete spirometer.The system consists of two elements: an ergonomic handset that connects...

    G5 Hand Percussor

    Respicare proudly presents the G5 Hand Percussor, a state-of-the-art device redefining therapeutic percussion in healthcare. Engineered to deliver powerful yet precise percussive therapy, the G5 Hand Percussor offers versatile treatment...

    Healforce EB03 Electrosurgical Unit

    Multiple cut and coagulation modes. Real-time monitoring of transducer and return electrode, automatic cut-off for safetyAutomatic tissue power adjustment. With bipolar coagulation mode Widely applicable in general operations, facial, urological,...

    Healforce EB05 Electrosurgical Unit

    With multiple cut and coagulation modes High power and automatic output adjustment for various tissues Dual CPU safety control Display panel troubleshooting code Completely isolated power output Return electrode identification...

    Koko Wrights Respirometer Mark 14

    At Respicare, we introduce the Wright's Respirometer, a groundbreaking device revolutionizing respiratory assessment. Engineered with precision and innovation, this respirometer offers accurate measurements for respiratory function, enabling healthcare professionals to...

    Maxtec Max O2 with AE

    The MaxO2+AE is best used wherever an inline analyzer is required, especially useful with older ventilators or oscillators. Its patented, ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand and features a simple, one-touch...
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