SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator



Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The first oxygen concentrator that offers the benefits of both a continuous flow mode and a pulse-delivery mode in a lightweight, hand-carry design of 4.5kg.

With pulsed dosing or continuous flow, patients have the flexibility to be away for the day: for work, for a weekend, or for a long holiday.

Product Description

  • Up to 2 lpm continuous oxygen flow
  • Pulse doses of up to 72ml boluses
  • Night mode makes it easy for patients to sleep with their SimplyGo
  • Alarms, including oxygen purity, allow the caregiver to make sure the patient is safe
  • Rechargable lithium ion batteries offer up to 2 hours of autonomy, extendable with extra batteries
  • SimplyGo kit comes with a trolley and DC automobile power supply and plug


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