SE-1515 Stress Test System


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Stress Test System

SE-1515 PC-based ECG Machine/Stress Test System provides you with a comprehensive ECG solution, which integrates resting, stress, pharmaceutical study, and powerful data analysis functions.

With the latest DE15 sampling box, clinicians are able to do standard 12-lead ECG tests, and upgrade to 15/16-leads by only adding 4 separated leads. A must have in any hospital or large clinic.

Combined with a Trackmaster treadmill, SE-1515 becomes a complete stress test system.

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Product Description

  • Supports up to 30 minutes ECG sampling
  • Automatic arrhythmia detection and indication
  • Reliable auto interpretation with proof for diagnosis
  • Events management allows further manual diagnosis
  • Allows editing of the final ECG report
  • PDF/XML/SCP/DICOM/JPG/BMP/DOC formats export
  • Supports HL7/DICOM worklists
  • Separated leadwires
  • Visual green, orange, and red indicators of ECG signal quality


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