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Surgical Instruments and Consumables

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These are more than just brands. They build confidence.

Teleflex, a global provider of medical devices, offers a full line of surgical instruments under the Pilling and KMedic brands. These instruments span across many surgical specialties, including Cardiovascular, Thoracic, Ear/Nose/Throat, Orthopedic, Laparoscopy, Neurosurgery, Gynecology, Plastic, Bariatric, and General Surgery.

For 200 years, Pilling quality instruments have been provided to customers across the world to help improve the standard of patient care. Pilling is especially known globally in the CVT and ENT specialties for a wide selection of proprietary instruments co-developed with leading surgeons.

Our KMedic orthopedic line offers the industry’s most extensive line of orthopedic instruments, with more than 2,000 patterns.

Our selection of Weck neurosponges are one of the best in the industry.

Product Description

Pilling and KMedic surgical instruments are made from 100% German and U.S. forgings to ensure the highest quality and impeccable functionality.

Pilling Forceps and Scissos are made of the finest stainless steel, processed to obtain optimum corrosion resistance, resilence, and strength.

Ratchets on Pilling Vascular Clamps provide indispensable finite control for arterial clamping, with steps to furnish a specific amount of required compression.

Pilling DeBakey Jaws are designed to clamp and hold without slipping. Cardiovascular clamps featuring these jaws will grip tissue delicately but firmly, or will completely occlude a vessel, reducing the danger of crushing or causing undue damage to the intima.

The LIFE-LOK Box Lock construction of all Pilling Vascular Clamps and an assortment of general instruments have virtually eliminated cracked and broken box locks.


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