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Opti-CCA TS Portable Blood Gas Analyzer

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Portable Blood Gas Analyzer

The leader in optical fluorescence technology for use in blood gas analysis, Optimedical presents Opti-CCA TS portable blood gas analyzer which is incredibly reliable, and could also do electrolytes and other blood parameter analyses .

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Product Description

  • Robust optical fluorescence technology eliminates the need for electrode replacement
  • Multiple sample types: whole blood, plasma, or serum
  • Uses a syringe, capillary, or ComfortSampler as source
  • Automatic aspiration of sample
  • Multiple cassette types to measure different parameters: pH, pCO2, PO2, tHb, sO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-, Glucose, BUN(Urea), Lactate
  • Calculated parameters: HCO3, Hct
  • Minimal sample volume: 125ul, or 60ul for B60 cassette
  • Hand-carryable at 4.5kg
  • Auto Quality Control program
  • Reusable standard reference cassettes (SRC) reduce quality control costs
  • External QC program also available