M9 Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound System


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Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Premium capability. Easy mobility.

Built with a prime focus on difficult patients, M9 addresses the most critical issues faced in ultrasound scanning.

Rich with new technologies such as single-crystal, 3T transducers, HDR Flow, UWN+ Contrast Imaging, and Natural Touch Elastography, the M9 offers all features at bedside, proving to the be ideal shared service solution in multiple clinical scenarios.

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Product Description

  • 15-inch LED monitor with Magnesium-alloy casing
  • Mindray mQuadro architecture dynamically improves imaging capability on the fly
  • Single-crystal transducer technology combined with Mindray’s 3T technology provides a wider bandwidth, offering both penetration and resolution at the same time
  • Ultra-Wideband Non-linear Plus* (UWN+) imaging allows significant contrast imaging enhancement while providing a lower MI and a longer contrast agent duration
  • Echo Boost special cardiovascular software enhances contrast and homogeneity of tissues, even for large patients
  • HR Flow (High Resolution Flow)
  • Phase-shift Harmonic Imaging
  • Spatial Compounding Imaging (iBeam)
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) with Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI) technologies
  • Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging (iClear)
  • Echo-enriched Beam Former
  • ExFoV Imaging with B Steer
  • Raw Data capability
  • Natural Touch Elastography*
  • Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis*
  • LVO with Stress Echocardiography*
  • iScape* panoramic imaging
  • iNeedle* needle visual enhancement

* optional


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