MagSense 360 MRI Machine

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MagSense 360

Permanent Magnet Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

The Mindray MagSense 360 MRI Machine has the world’s first InScan system, a profound change in patient acceptance and comfort.

Positioning, sequence selection, parameter adjustment, and real-time image displays are available on-screen, on the MRI machine itself, or at the operator’s console.

Patient-friendly appearance and large opening make it more acceptable to patients and interventions.

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Product Description

  • Most open C-shaped magnet, 330 degrees free, allows caregivers to stay with their patients
  • InScan dual-mode control – large touchscreen on machine or at the console
  • Motorized side-loading patient table* makes it convenient to position the patient
  • Easy to maintain, without helium consumables