HyLED 9 Series LED OR Lights

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HyLED 9 Series

LED OR Lights

Mindray HyLED 9 Series LED OR Lights are designed to be all-around partners of surgeons, minimizing light head adjustment with an automatic illumination control system.

Premium illumination performance brought about by high-quality LEDs, with adjustable color temperature and electronic light field diameter control make HyLED 9 series a good choice for operating rooms.


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Product Description

  • Automatic Illumination Control System (AICS) adjusts the light output to compensate for the shadow of the surgeon’s head in the field
  • Multiple lighting modes to suit the current operation: Full illumination, general illumination, and endoscopic/ambient illumination
  • Carrier-arm or integrated HD camera*
  • Sync function for dual light head configurations
  • Ergonomic design allows dual heads to combine to provide a homogenous light field, excellent for cardiovascular or deep surgeries

* optional