HyLED 8 Series LED OR Lights

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HyLED 8 Series

LED OR Lights

HyLED 8 series LED OR Lights feature long-life, high-performance LEDs to provide high central illumination.

With multiple lighting modes, adjustable color temperature, and an optional backup power system, the HyLED 8 series fits most OR needs.

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Product Description

  • Multi-lens matrix ensures a homogenous light field with excellent shadow dilution and depth lighting capacity
  • Designed for laminar flow
  • Two light heads* can be meshed together to provide a better homogenous beam, beneficial for cardiovascular operations
  • Thin-profile and aluminium cover ensures cool operation
  • Compatible with integrated or carrier-arm HD camera systems*
  • Battery backup system* allows operation of HyLed 8600/8600 dual light system for up to 110 minutes
  • General, ambient/endoscopic, and full lighting modes easily available on control┬ápanel
  • HyLED 8600M mobile OR light also available


* optional