HyLED 7 Series LED OR Lights

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HyLED 7 Series

LED OR Lights

Mindray’s high performance HyLED 7 series LED OR lights feature natural cool lighting and excellent shadow dilution, even with extreme situations.

Ergonomic and compact design allows a good laminar flow in the operating room, ensuring sterile conditions.

Ondal spring arms ensure mobility and stability of the suspension system.

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Product Description

  • Incredible service life of up to 40,000 hours
  • Central illumunination of 160,000 or 130,000 lux
  • Adjustable light field diameter: 195-300mm
  • DIN-1946 Part 4 certified for laminar flow
  • 330-degree rotatable camera*
  • Dual dome, and mobile OR light models available

* optional