DP-50 Portable B/W Ultrasound System


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Portable B/W Ultrasound System

B/W ultrasound today need to bring more advances to general practice to improve their patient’s benefits.

Being a world-class medical equipment provider, Mindray’s deep understanding of needs from customers make our system DP-50 more suitable for your daily diagnosis, results in less time, while maintaining your budget needs.

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Product Description

  • 15-inch LCD
  • Two transducer connectors
  • Imaging modes: B/2B/4B/M/B+M
  • Trapezoid and B Steer imaging
  • 8-segment TGC
  • Phase-shift Harmonic Imaging
  • iBeam (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
  • iClear (Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging)
  • iTouch (Auto Image Optimization)
  • Shared Service application and iStation Patient Management software built-in
  • Transducers available: convex, microconvex, linear, endocavity, biplane endocavity
  • Optional software: Auto IMT and DICOM 3.0 Basic, Worklist
  • Optional hardware: needle guide brackets, rechargeable battery, footswitch, travel bag, mobile trolley


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