DigiEye 760 Series Digital X-Ray Machine

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DigiEye 760 Smart

Ceiling-mounted Digital X-Ray Machine

The DigiEye 760 Series Digital X-Ray Machine is a rail-mounted radiography system.

Meant for high volume patients and ease of operator use, it has a high heat capacity tube and auto-following functions for the FPD and tube, and options for automatic collimation based on desired anatomic area to be imaged.

DICOM capability ensures standardized grey scale, and consistent presentation of images on monitors or film.

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Product Description

  • 17″ x 17″ Flat panel detector, with spatial resolution of greater than 3.7 lp/mm
  • Dual focus tube, 0.6mm/1.2mm
  • High power 50kW/640mA generator, with an ultra-high operating frequency
  • Auto-collimator* allows target field to be adjusted by SID automatically
  • Auto-following function allows the tube to follow the FPD and vice versa
  • LEVELS advanced image processing ensure consistently excellent image details and contrast
  • One-key panoramic function iStitch* ensures automatic acquisition of full spine and leg images
  • Single or dual rails, mounted on ceiling, allow flexibility of positioning the x-ray tube in the room