CoughAssist E70 Mechanical In-Exsufflator


CoughAssist E70

Mechanical In-Exsufflator

CoughAssist clears secretions by gradually applying a positive pressure to the airway, followed by a rapid shift to negative pressure. The rapid shifting of pressures produces a high expiratory flow, simulating a natural cough.

Excellent for patients with insufficient cough flow, or those with neuromuscular diseases.

Product Description

  • Cough-Trak automatic triggering system allows patients to synchronize better with the CoughAssist
  • Breaths with oscillation allow more efficient secretion removal by pneumatic percussion
  • Lithium ion battery option allows CoughAssist to work autonomously from the outlet, allowing the caregiver to provide better point-of-care services
  • Peak cough flow indicators with SD card recording allow caregivers to monitor patient progress


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