BiPAP A40 Invasive/Non-invasive Ventilator



Invasive/Non-invasive Ventilator

Designed as a portable ventilator, BiPAP A40 comes with well-known and proven Philips Respironics technologies such as Auto-TRAK, AVAPS, and Dry Box humidifiers.

BiPAP A40 is capable of invasive and non-invasive bi-level pressure ventilation, up to pressures of 40 cmH2O.

Lightweight and with a detachable battery module, BiPAP A40 can provide autonomy and increased mobility to patients.

Product Description

  • CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T, AVAPS, AVAPS-AE ventilation modes
  • Target tidal volumes of 200-1500ml
  • Lightweight at 2.1kg., including power supply
  • Uses System One humidification platform and Dry Box technology
  • Settable alarms, data management software, and connections to most PSGs available


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