Anaeston 5000 Anesthesia Machine


Anaeston 5000

Anesthesia Machine

Anaeston 5000 anesthesia machine has integrated all major ventilation modes such as assist, control and assist-control ventilation.

It offers comprehensive monitoring and has a clear display interface, to help perform high quality anesthesia delivery and management.

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Product Description

  • 12.1-inch color LCD
  • Dual tube air/oxygen/nitrous oxide flowmeters
  • Dual CPU control over tidal volume regulation and compensation
  • Single, double or triple gas sources models
  • VCV, PCV, PEEP, MANUAL, PLV, EIP, SIMV, PSV, and IPPV ventilation modes
  • Double vaporizer positionsĀ forĀ Enflurane, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane and Desflurane
  • N2O /O2 Linkage
  • Oxygen sensor monitoring
  • APL valve available for manual mode
  • No-tool disassembly
  • 15s power-on self-check
  • Optional Lung function, CSI, and EtCO2 modules


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